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Tumpak Sewu Waterfall – Lumajang East Java Indonesia

Tumpak Sewu waterfall is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Indonesia, standing at 120 meters tall with the most insane panorama view. Do you know about the meaning of Tumpak Sewu, Tumpak Sewu means a thousand falls, it means there are more than 1 fall around.Tumpak Sewu Waterfall becomes the unbeatable of the most beautiful waterfall in Indonesia that you must visit during your holiday in Indonesia. This stunning waterfall is often combined with the visits of the greatest Mount Bromo or Mount Ijen. Because the location of the waterfall is quite far if you just go straight to this waterfall. So, if you are planning to visit Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen or even Yogyakarta, you must include this waterfall as your must-see places in East Java.


  • The local names: Air Terjun Tumpak Sewu, Coban Sewu, Air Terjun Coban Sewu
  • The location of the waterfall: It’s located in Sidomulyo Village, Lumajang
  • Closest major cities: Malang (2-3 hours’ drive) / Surabaya (5 hours’ drive)
  • Closest destination or tourism object: Mount Bromo (4-5 hours’ drive)/ Mount Ijen (8 hours’ drive)
  • Waterfall height: 120 meters
  • Entrance fees: IDR 20.000 /person ($1.50)
  • Local guide fee: IDR 200.000
  • Recommended homestay: Yanto Anugrah Homestay ( IDR 250.000 /room/night)

We have given you some information about the closest city of tourism destination, for example from Malang, Surabaya, Mount Bromo or Mount Ijen. If you are coming from Bali. We recommend to combine the trip with Mount Ijen or Mount Bromo. So it won’t be super tiring for you.

If you are coming from Surabaya, you can combine with Mount Bromo or Malang.

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If you are believing on Google Maps, you will get into the trouble. Because the road here is quite narrow and also a lot of slow truck, mass of motorbike everywhere and also surprise roadblocks along the way that can be happened without any information.

But the view before getting this waterfall is amazing, you will see the highest volcano in Java Island and former lava rivers that came from Mount Semeru.

When you get closer to this waterfall, you will see some sign to lead you to the waterfall. It’s easy but if you ask the local people, you must show the picture because most of the people here can’t speak English.

For having some food, there are many ‘Warung’ or casual food shops that offers a local cuisine and sometimes the foods are bit spicy for some foreigners.


Upon your arrival in car park in here, you must walk for about 10 minutes until you reach the panorama viewpoint. From here, you will see how beautiful this waterfall from above, but always remember to stay safe and be inside of the fence because the ground here is quite crumbly that means it’s easily break. So, stay safe there.


After enjoying the panorama view, you are required to walk down for about 45-60 minutes depends on your fitness and be warned that this is quite tough and slippery trekking down. The path down begins with bamboo stairs that required you walk it down. Keep walking slowly and stay concentrated. After walking over the bamboo stairs, we will walk down by passing rocky, slippery path with a small waterfall running down it. Be steady and hold the rope strongly. Make sure you have a good shoe for it. When you have passed the difficult path, you just follow the small flat path down until you reach the river, this waterfall is surrounded by cliff and dense of the forest. So, it’s quite cold and the water from the waterfall will shower you. Once you reach the river bank, you must cross the river with a small bridge and make sure you are into your balance. Next river is without the bridge, there is only rope to hold. Upon you have passed two rivers, it means you are arriving in the bottom point of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.



The best time to visit Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is between April – Beginning of November which is mostly sunny. We highly recommend to stay in the local homestay near the waterfall, why? Because you can be visiting this waterfall during the sunrise time at 5:30 am. The point is not the sunrise, because the sun will be blocked by the dense of forest here. The important things why you must start early morning are;

  1. You will find a magical fog around the waterfall that make your photos better than others
  2. If you are using a drone, you can capture the highest volcano in Java Island. That is Mount Semeru
  3. You will be the only visitors there; it means you own the whole waterfall for that time.

There are some tips that you can do during your visit to this waterfall;

  • Bring a waterproof bag, this is the most important thing that you must have, because you will be passing stream of water during your way to the bottom of this waterfall. It’s also keep your phone, camera or important stuffs dry.
  • Suitable footwear, it’s super important thing that you must think before your visit. Most of the path is slippery and rocky.
  • Bring enough food and water, this is more than 3 hours trip to this waterfall includes trekking, taking photo, rest and enjoying the area.
  • Guide or Travel Agent, we recommend to use a local guide or a qualified travel agency that provide the trip here. You can contact us if you need our help, you can click the link below for the trip; http://javaadventuretrail.com/bromo-ijen-tumpak-sewu-tour-from-bali-4d3n/
  • Staying at the local homestay here, It’s highly recommended to do because the location of the waterfall is too far from big cities, so we recommend to stay overnight and visit the waterfall on the next morning.
  • Visit Kapas Biru and Coban Sriti waterfall, there is not only Tumpak Sewu Waterfall in this area. There are 2 waterfalls that you must visit when you are here. Kapas Biru Waterfall and Coban Sriti, it’s just 15 minutes’ drive by car.
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  Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Lumajang East Java Indonesia

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