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The tour will be starting in the morning from your hotel in Labuan Bajo area near Labuan Bajo airport, we will drive to Labuan Bajo harbor to reach our Cabin Boat, the drive from Labuan center to harbor is only 10 minutes. Upon your arrival in the harbor, you will meet our boat crew, and they will help you to move your bag inside the boat. From this harbor, we will sail to Kelor island and Manjarite. Both places are a good place for snorkeling and enjoy the view from your boat.

Lunch will be served on the boat, fish is the most food to be served for your trip. After enjoying your lunch, we will be sailing to Rinca island. Rinca island is the island where you can see the Komodo Dragon beside of Komodo island. Upon your arrival in Rinca Island, you will be welcomed by the local guide here, he will escort you to go around the island for about an hour to see how the komodo is.
Komodo dragon is one of the most poisonous reptiles in the world, it has the most dangerous saliva. So, please listen to our local guide. After roaming around the island, you will be escorted back to our Boat, then we will sail a bit to Fox island. Fox island a.k.a Kalong Island is an island where you can see foxes flying off from their home during the sunset time. So, it will make a dramatic photo. Then, we will be staying overnight here, before we continue our last day on the boat.

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  • Kelor Island
  • Manjarite Island
  • Rinca Island
  • Kalong Island near Rinca Island

DAY 2:

The second day of the tour, you will be waking up about 5 am, we will show you the morning view around kalong island and the beautiful sunrise above the boat. Our crews will cook food for breakfast before we do a short trekking to the top Padar Island. We will be having breakfast during the way to Padar island, it’s about ±45 minutes. The view along the ocean is beautiful, you can see some inhabitant islands around which keep the area wild. Upon your arrival in Padar island, you will be invited to walk up about 15-20 minutes to reach the most famous viewpoint of Padar island. Padar island is one of the islands in Komodo National Park area that has an amazing coastlines view.

After enjoying the view here, we will continue our sailing trip to the most famous beach in Komodo National Park area, which is Pink Beach. The color of the shore is slightly pink. It comes from ruined red corals that mix the sand here which had happened a long time ago. Snorkeling is the best thing to do here and we will have lunch here too. The last place to visit before we head back to Labuan Bajo, Manta Point. Manta point is a point of interest that you can swim with some wild manta rays here. It’s just 5-8 meters’ depth, so it’s so easy to reach them even you are not diving. But it has time to show up on the surface, so please listen to our guide for clear guidance.


After swimming and snorkeling with the Manta Rays, we will be heading back to the mainland of Labuan Bajo. Upon your arrival in Labuan Bajo, we will transfer you out in your hotel in Labuan Bajo area. (TOUR’S FINISHED)


  • Padar Island
  • Pink beach
  • Manta Point (snorkeling)



  1. Transfer out and in from Labuan Bajo Airport/ Hotel in Labuan Bajo
  2. Cost for all entrance tickets during the tour
  3. Private English speaking guide and local guide in Rinca Komodo Island
  4. Cabin boat with air conditioning
  5. Mineral water & meals during your trip on the boat
  6. Snorkeling gear


  1. Travel insurance
  2. Domestic Flights
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Diving course
  5. Gratuity/ tip for guide & boat crews


For further information tour and booking, please feel free to contact us directly to our Email: Info@javaadventuretrail.com / WhatsApp number: +6287755920876 or please fill in the booking form below!

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