Borobudur Temple Tour

Borobudur Temple Sunrise Tour via Setumbu Hill – Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, Central Java which is around 1,5 hours from Yogyakarta. As the most famous Buddha Temple in Indonesia, Borobudur temple is the must-visit temple during your tour in Yogyakarta. One of the best highlights here is watching the sunrise from Setumbu Hill toward Borobudur Temple. Setumbu Hill is a viewpoint situated to the northwest of Borobudur, and it offers a stunning panoramic view of the temple, mountains, and its surroundings.

Setumbu Hill sunrise BorobudurTo see the sunrise from Yogyakarta, we should start at 3:30 am from the hotel in Yogyakarta, we will drive for about an hour and 30 minutes. Upon your arrival around 5:00 AM, our local team will help you navigate the best viewpoints on Setumbu Hill, Setumbu Hill is not a difficult hike, the trek takes about 10 minutes from the parking place, and you should reach the viewpoint just before sunrise.

Once you’ve reached the viewpoint on Setumbu Hill, you can enjoy the breathtaking sunrise view of Borobudur Temple and the surrounding landscape. The misty morning atmosphere adds to the mystique of the experience. This is a fantastic spot for photography, so be sure to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the incredible scenery.

After enjoying the sunrise and taking in the beauty of the temple, you can return to Borobudur. You can explore the temple in detail, learning about its history and significance.

Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take your time to explore its intricate stone carvings and reliefs, which depict Buddhist teachings and stories. Additionally, be respectful of the site and its spiritual significance while visiting. This tour provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the architectural and natural beauty of Borobudur and the surrounding area.


Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with the people, and taste local Javanese food and snacks in the area.

Note: For now, we are only allowed to stay on the top of the Borobudur Temple for an hour, because they limit access to the top of the temple to avoid mass tourism and destruction of the temple itself.  We will use special shoes that are prepared from the temple and you must follow the queue to get the tickets (we will handle the tickets) and join the session per hour provided by the Borobudur Temple Management.


If you want to visit Prambanan Temple after Borobudur, there will be an additional cost for a ticket and local guide, please kindly inform our driver about it.

Borobudur temple tour


  • IDR 2,700,000 for 1 person (good price for solo traveler)
  • IDR 1,550,000 /person (for 2 participants)
  • IDR 1,275,000 /person (for 3 participants)
  • IDR 1,000,000 /person (for 4 participants)
  • IDR 890,000 /person (for 5-9 participants)
  • IDR 840,000 /person (for 10-15 participants)


  1. Pick up service from Yogyakarta and transfer out to Yogyakarta.
  2. Car, gasoline, driver, and English-speaking local guide for the Borobudur temple
  3. Mineral water and entrance fee for sunrise tour


  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Food during the trip
  3. Local guide and ticket in Prambanan Temple

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Borobudur Sunrise Tour From Yogyakarta

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