4 Best Cheap Hotels in Banyuwangi

ketapang indah hotel

Banyuwangi is one of the towns in East Java, it’s located in the eastern part of Java Island. Most of the tourist who comes here is for visit Ijen Crater aka Kawah Ijen. Mostly they are confused to find a good hotel with affordable prices. There is so many good cheap hotels in Banyuwangi for under 50 USD, here is some cheap hotel that we can recommend to you.

1. Ketapang Indah Hotel

ketapang indah roomKetapang Indah Hotel, is one of the most recommended places to stay when you are in Banyuwangi. It’s located just 5 minutes from the busiest harbor in Banyuwangi, about 45 minutes away from Blimbingsari Airport, and 10 minutes from Banyuwangi Baru Train Station. It’s also only one hour from Kawah Ijen AKA Ijen Crater, which is the most famous volcano in East Java. Ketapang Indah has a good affordable standard room with a good breakfast here.

2. MIrah Hotel
room in hotel Mirah
Mirah Hotel is located almost 10 minutes away from Ketapang Ferry Port, and has very good rooms at affordable prices. When you have a lower budget to stay, you can stay here for your pleasure.

3. Blambangan Hotel

room in the blambangan hotelBlambangan Hotel is located within Taman Blambangan, Hotel Blambangan is right at the heart of Banyuwangi. Its strategic location provides you a short distance to the downtown of Government, business, and culture, providing you the chance to experience Banyuwangi’s day-to-day existence.
The hotel has a good room, a great pool, and an amazing ambiance with Banyuwangi culture inside the room that describes in the painting.

4. Hotel Selamet

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room in hotel selametHotel Selamet is located in the heart of Banyuwangi town, it’s 20 minutes away from Ketapang Ferry Harbor, 30 minutes from Blimbingsari Airport, and 15 minutes from Karang Asem Harbort. Around Hotel Selamet, you will find a lot of good street food, some local markets, and good coffee shops. The room here is clean, spacious enough, and brand new.

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