How to Get to Madakaripura Waterfall Bromo

madakaripura waterfall bromo

Madakaripura waterfall is located in Probolinggo area, it’s kind of the most stunning waterfall with 200 meters high and it’s the second hingest waterfall in Indonesia. How to get to here, it’s very easy. You can start from Surabaya, Mount Bromo, Malang, or even Bali.

  1. Getting there

If you start from Surabaya/ Malang, it’s better to start in the early morning. Because the best time to visit this waterfall is before 1.00 pm. Malang/Surabaya to this waterfall takes 3-4 hours’ drive

And if you are from Mount Bromo, you can visit this waterfall after Mount Bromo tour, it’s only an hour drive from Bromo area.madakaripura waterfall probolinggo

From Bali, I recommend to combine the waterfall with Mount Bromo and ijen Tour, for example starting your tour from Bali area to Ijen Crater Then Mount Bromo, afterwards visiting Madakaripura waterfall and ends it up in Surabaya or Malang.

In Madakaripura waterfall, there are some regulations that you should obey as a tourist/visitor. If we bring a car, we must stop at the parking place then hire the local guide for IDR 50,000, entrance fee for IDR 25,000 and motorbike service where the motorbike will bring you to the start point where you walk to the waterfall. But if you bring a motorbike, you don’t need to pay the motorbike service from the local because you can bring the motorbike until the start point.
The best transportation to go here is private car and motorbike because there is no public transport to go this waterfall.

  1. When to Go:
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The best season to visit Madakaripura waterfall is dry season (start from April – Beginning of November). The worst season to visit is Raining season (November – March), because in Madakaripura waterfall is easily happen landslide. It’s often closed because of that landslide.
The best time to visit in the morning, start from 7 – 11 o’oclock


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