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Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Ubud will start around 7:00 PM, Our driver will pick you up from your hotel in Ubud then drive for about 4 – 5 hours to Gilimanuk Ferry Port, it’s the harbor where you can go to Java Island. The ferry will take around ± an hour (it depends on the weather, sometimes it’s longer). Upon your arrival at Ketapang Ferry Port Banyuwangi ( it’s a port on Java Island ), you will be met by our local guide and heading to Paltuding (it’s the parking place and also the start point before trekking to Kawah Ijen, the ride takes around an hour from the Banyuwangi. Upon your arrival in Paltuding, you should be prepared for the night trekking such as a torchlight, jacket, and gas mask. The trekking will take around 2 hours until the top of Kawah Ijen.

Upon your arrival on the top of Kawah Ijen, you should go down to the crater to see the most famous natural phenomenon in Indonesia, blue fire is a Hydrogen sulfate gas that comes out from the volcano in Kawah Ijen that meets oxygen in the air. It’s only available to be seen in the darkness. Besides the natural phenomenon of blue fire, you will see some miners who work there, they are taking sulfur rock from the volcano. It’s one of the hardest jobs there.

After capturing a thousand photos of blue fire and sulfur mining, we have gone up to catch the most stunning sunrise in East Java and you can see the astonishing landscape of Kawah Ijen. After enjoying the best landscape in Kawah Ijen, we will go back to the parking place and head to Ketapang ferry port then go to your hotel in the Ubud area.


Here is the completed detail of the tour :

7:30 PM (Balinese Time) : Pick up service and transfer to Gilimanuk Harbor
00:00 AM (Balinese Time) : Meet your guide and take a ferry going to Banyuwangi, Java Island
00:30 AM (Javanese Time) : Start driving to Paltuding (the Start Point of the Trekking)
2:00 AM (Javanese Time) : Trekking to Ijen Crater

The trekking will take about 1 – 2 hours, depending on your fitness. Upon your arrival at the top of the crater, you will be invited to see the most famous natural phenomenon of blue fire. It’s only 2 in the world, Ijen Crater, Indonesia, and Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia. But to see closer, you must go down into the crater of Ijen. It’s pretty dangerous, so if you feel doubt about going down, we suggest staying on the top while waiting for the sunrise.

5:30 AM (Javanese Time ) : Sunrise Time
7:00 AM (Javanese Time) : Go down to the parking place
8:00 AM (Javanese Time) : Driving back to the city, we will stop at Jagir Waterfall to relax (optional, you can directly drive to the ferry port too)
9:30 AM (Javanese Time) : Having a Local breakfast (at your own cost)
10:30 AM (Javanese Time) : Back to the Ferry port
12:30 PM (Balinese Time) : Driving back to your place in Ubud, Bali & arriving around 4-5 pm



IDR 3,350,000 for 1 person (good price for solo traveler)
IDR 1,800,000 /person (for 2 participants)
IDR 1,450,000 /person (for 3 participants)
IDR 1.300,000 /person (for 4 participants)
IDR 1,100,000 /person (for 5-9 participants)
IDR 1,000,000 /person (for 10-15 participants)

Important note: There will be an additional cost (50.000 IDR / person) for a weekend or public holiday departure.


Price is in IDR and includes:

  • Pick up service from your hotel in Ubud, Bali & transfer out back to your Hotel in Ubud, Bali
  • Land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip
  • Mineral water and English-speaking local guide
  • Gas mask for the tour
  • Cost for parking during the trip
  • Cost for ferry from Bali to Java and Java to Bali
  • Entrance tickets to Kawah Ijen
  • Health Certificate for Ijen Crater
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Price excludes:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals during the trip
  • Tipping & other personal costs

Ijen Crater Tour from Ubud

For further information about the tour and booking, please feel free to contact us or click on the booking form below:

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