When you want to enjoy the colorful, joyful city, and full of historical buildings. You can come to Malang City which is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. This is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya, and the 12th largest city in Indonesia. Malang City is located in the middle of mountains and hilly areas. No wonder, if Malang City has fresh mountain breeze, comfort climate, and clean air even in this small city. You will find many big trees planted in every road side. Staying in Malang City is a good alternative option when you are confused where you want to go in East Java as your first stop before exploring the whole East Java.

There are many more attraction that you can explore in Malang. Malang has some shopping malls, the most insane rainbow village that has many colors, magnificent waterfalls, amazing volcanoes and mountains, stunning night squares, photo spots, tea plantation and beautiful beaches. We suggest you to stay in Malang more than 3 days. Then, get the best experience.


To visit Malang City, there some options that you can take from any city around Indonesia. You can enter via Surabaya or to Malang directly.

1. By flight
For the flight, you can go directly to Abdulrachman Saleh Airport in Malang, there are some direct flight from Jakarta, Bali and other big cities in Indonesia.

2. By train
For the train, you can take a train from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Jakarta to Malang area. There are some classes that you can take. From economy classes until executive classes, you can book easily via online website or you can go directly to Train Station nearby.

3. By car
If you plan to go by car, we recommend to escape weekend because Malang is famous for weekend holiday. A lot of local visitors from the city nearby will come to Malang for enjoying the tourism attraction here.

If you are planning by car, we recommend to start from Surabaya which is closer to Malang, it’s just 2 hours away or you can also take from Yogyakarta but it will be super far and tiring. It’s about 7-8 hours by car.

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If you need any help for organizing trip or car to or from Malang, you can contact us by clicking this link.


Malang is a city in East Java that located in the middle of Mountain and hill that makes this city get fresh air more than other cities in East Java. For the best time to visit Malang City we recommend dry season that normally started from April till November and we do not recommend to visit Malang city from December till March because normally these months are rainy season, so you will not enjoy the holiday here when it’s too much rain.
We also recommend to visit Malang city not in the weekend or during Indonesian public holiday which will be super crowded in any tourist attraction in Malang and the street will be so much traffic. So, we recommend to visit during weekdays.


Malang City has many options to explore, but we had summarized them to the best things to do in Malang City.

1. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
Tumpak Sewu waterfall is one of the most stunning waterfalls in East Java, Indonesia. It has 120 m height with thick forest surrounded and hilly wall. It makes this waterfall become the most Instagram-able photo spot for all travelers around the word who are visiting Indonesia.

There are some names that you must understand before coming here. Coban Sewu Waterfall, Air Terjun Sewu Lumajang and Tumpak Sewu Lumajang, those are the names that you must note well before you are heading here as a backpacker.

The estimation of travelling to Tumpak Sewu waterfall is 6 hours, 2 hours’ drive from Malang and 4 hours enjoying the waterfall here. We recommend to combine your visit with Mount Bromo or Ijen Crater. Because Tumpak Sewu waterfall is located quite remote and it’s better if you combine with supported tourist attraction.

Here is the below the exact point of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall in a map:


2. The Rainbow Village
Malang City has colorful and wonderful village, they set the slum area to colorful village with photo spot support. The village is named Jodipan. It was created by students came up with the idea to paint everything in bright rainbow color to catch the eyes’ people who pass the bridge.

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The Best Things To Do In Malang IndonesiaThe Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia

Another village is the Blue Village of Arema. Arema is a football team of Malang City. They have a lot of fanatic fan named Arema. Their color identity is blue so, the people around village started to paint Kampung Biru Arema Blue to bring a little extra color and attention to the village. But, this site is not too popular than Jodipan, but it is can be another option when visit Malang City.

Here is the below the exact point of The Rainbow Village in a map:


3. Take Mount Bromo Midnight Tour from Malang
Mount Bromo is located in between Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. So you can enter Mount Bromo from those area. From Malang, we will recommend you to take midnight tour that will be started at midnight from you hotel Malang area, you can click the link here if you need any help about the trip itself.

mount bromo tour, bromo tour from surabaya

Mount Bromo is the must-visit destination near Malang that you must do once in your lifetime. Mount Bromo offers the beautiful view of its crater and the mountain surrounding. The most thing to do is waiting for the stunning sunrise from Penanjakan view or King Kong Hill and climb up the crater of Mount Bromo itself.

Here is the below the exact point of Mount Bromo in a map:


4. Bukit Kuneer Tea Plantations in Wonosari, Malang
Bukit Kuneer Tea Plantations geographically located in the hills of Malang City, of course the ambience is very comfortable and the air there is very cool. Bukit Kuneer Tea Plantation is at an altitude of about 1,110 meters above sea level. The area of the hill in Malang reaches 1,444 hectares, so that visitors can go around as much as possible along the tea garden area while looking at the beauty of green tea gardens, beautiful and breathing healthy.

Bukit Kuneer tea Plantation air is a very charming green tea plantation. Visitors will be presented with the beauty of Mount Arjuna which is seen so clearly, so that it becomes a real beauty and suitable to be enjoyed while on vacation and relieving fatigue after a long busy work routine to squeeze the mind.

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The Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia
The Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia

In order to facilitate tourists when exploring the plantation area, the tourist officer has provided a long bridge made of wood. Visitors can use the bridge as a photo hunting location utilizing the natural beauty in the form of tea plantations.

On weekday ticket prices range from IDR 8,000 per visitor, while on weekends or national holidays the ticket price rises to IDR 12,000 per person. Complementing the information on the tourist attractions, the operational hours of tourism are open from 7:00 am and close again at 5:00 Pm

Here is the below the exact point of Bukit Kuneer Tea Plantation in a map:


5. Batu, Malang
Batu is a small town near Malang (about 30 minutes until an hour by car), Batu is a small town that located between Malang and Kediri which was part of Malang before. But now Batu became one of the best destinations in East Java Province that is very accessible from Malang City. There are 3 best things to do in Batu Malang: Paragliding experience trip in Payung hill, visiting Coban Rondo Waterfall with its labyrinth, and the last is visiting Apple farm or flower farms.

The Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia
The Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia

Here is the below the exact point of Batu Town in a map:

6. The city tour around the old town of Malang
If you are into a history traveller, we recommend to enjoy your whole day to explore the old town of Malang that was former building or area of Dutch colonialism and also the ancient temple.

Here is the lists of places that you can visit during your whole day city tour in Malang:

  • Singosari Temple
  • Chairil Anwar Monument
  • Malang Town Square
  • Toko Oen (the oldest ice cream shop)
  • Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus
  • Kayu Tangan Heritage Village (Kajoetangan)
  • Tugu Malang Town Square


The Best Things To Do In Malang Indonesia


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