What should you prepare before taking blue fire tour in Ijen Crater?

mount ijen, banyuwangi

Blue fire a.k.a blue flame is the natural phenomenon in Ijen Crater that looks like a fire which comes from this volcano. It will be seen when the sun goes down and disappear when the sun goes up. Moreover, it’s only two in the world, in Indonesia (Ijen Crater, East Java) and Ethiopia (Dallol Volcano). This natural phenomenon is the hydrogen sulfate that meets oxygen in the air and it makes a blue color of fire. It’s kind of unique but also dangerous.

To see the natural phenomenon of blue flame/blue fire, you need to hike Ijen Crater for ± 2 hours. It will harder when you are going down into the crater where the natural phenomenon of blue fire is there. Because, when you are going down to the blue fire spot, the path is rocky, narrow and slippery and the smoke of sulfur sometimes is going around you and it makes you breathless and it will bother your eyes so much. So, you should be prepared well before coming over here. Here are some stuffs that you need to bring during the trekking and what you should do before the trekking.

  1. Do some exercise (running, gym or something else) a week/two weeks, it will help you for the fitness during the trekking
  2. Bring a proper gas mask
  3. Bring a goggle when you have it because it will keep your eyes from the sulfuric smoke
  4. Trekking Shoes
  5. Mineral Water
  6. Small amount of Money
  7. Bring some snacks
  8. Get enough sleep
  9. Hire a local guideijen bluefire tour
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